Monkey Catcher service

If you search the monkey catcher near me then we are providing that problem solution. The habitual residence of monkeys is forest area. Nowadays they started coming out of their original residence habitat and spread over an area where menace is created by them. In such a situation, following instance may occur:

  • > Monkey Menace
  • > Disturbance to life of people living in residential areas
  • > Harm to people
  • > Harm to property and things
  • > Unnatural death of animals and citizens etc.

In order to overcome such problems, If you search Monkey catcher near me then, we provide a complete solution by catching such monkeys in a peaceful and non harmful manner and rehabilitating them. We also provide veterinary services to such monkeys.

With our ability to discover innovative and result oriented solutions to the problems . We have positioned ourselves as a one stop solution for every type of animal and bird care and control services with specialized and professional approach.

The Founder belongs to the family whose forefathers were involved in the field of animal control since ancient times and were generally known as “Shikari”.

Following are the services we provide where you can target three shots with one stone:-

(i) Monkey Catching

(ii) Monkey Spikes

Pigeon Movement Control

Pigeon movement has been seen as drastically disturbing in industrial, airport, public utilities etc. areas. Birds blasting/ hitting at the Airports are the most common incidents in routine life which can be dangerous to the life of several persons. Moreover in the industrial scenario, birds may cause harm to the man and machines used at such places.

A proper and efficient management of pigeon movement helps to create pigeon free areas. We provide services related to restriction of pigeon movement in airport, industrial, public utility areas. Moreover we also provide for the safety of pigeons alongwith their treatment and rehabilitation.

This Jaipur Based Company deal in Bird Net, Safety Net, Spikes for controlling the birds movement in houses and other places. 

With providing Anti Bird Nets, Anti Pigeon Spikes, Mosquito Nets etc. We are offering complete removing service of birds from your area with effective, innovative and result oriented techniques without harming any bird.

We follow strict ethical values with satisfaction in terms of pricing, quality, post sale services. We have group of skilled employees in our every service working so long with us have talent and knowledge in their respective fields whether it is monkey catching, pigeon controlling, pest control. 

Following are sevices we provide where you can target three shots with one stone:-

(i) Piegon Netting and Spikes.

(ii) Bird Nets.

(iii) Mosquito Nets.

(iv) Honeybee Comb Removal.

(v) Animal Feeding Management.

(vi) Pigeon Movement Control. 

Pest Control

Safe Recue Team Venture (SRTV) consists of qualified professionals trained in pest control and our company providing services such a termite control, rodent control, Bed bugs treatment etc. We use latest technique and ensure use of environmental friendly chemicals. We provide reliable solutions for various pest infestations such as termites, cockraoches, rederts and bed bugs. 

We have full attention to customs and their need services designed out for attaining maximum client satisfaction solutions for specific pest problems including cockroaches, aunts and spiders. Our team will initiate with the auditing procedure with in and out of premises the plant then identify the pest problem with their hide out and their food sources. Select Specific problems without harming environment. After performing all above steps we regularly visit your site evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and recommending necessary modification required.

Pest Control isn’t about terminating or eliminating pests its about the peace of mind which we experience after knowing that we are protected as our Motto says we believe in rewarding peace to you.

Know your home intruders:- Termites, Bed Bugs , Coakroaches, Rats, Mosquitoes, Flies Breed.

Following are the services we provide where you can target three shots with one stone.

(i) Termite Termination.

(ii) Rat Removal.

(iii) Residential or Commercial Pest Control.

(iv) Cockroach Conrol Service.

(v) Bed Bugs Control Services.

(vi) Aunt and Spiders Control Service.

(vii) Lizard Contol Service